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  • New Product Success

    Balancing value creation with time-to-market

    Posted November 27, 2017 under Customer Value, Innovation, New Products

    One of the biggest challenges for business leaders is deciding where to invest, when and how much. As they look to achieve or maintain market leadership they are constantly striving to find the next market offering that drives exponential growth, market differentiation and customer delight.

    There is often no shortage of ideas. The challenge is framing and prioritizing; identifying the idea or concept that will be most relevant and be recognized as delivering the most customer value. There are always multiple ideas competing for limited resources with global competitors moving faster across local markets, increasing time-to-market pressures.

  • Delighting customers begins with discovering Value!

    Understanding what your customers' Value creates opportunities for market leadership and differentiation …

    Posted February 23, 2015 under Customer Value

    Customer Value

    In today’s crowded markets it can be difficult to differentiate your company from global competitors. Many business leaders have recognized the importance of customer experience as a means of differentiation. Creating an experience that is relevant, meaningful and delights begins with a commitment to understanding your customers. Quite often, companies don’t take the time to listen to what customers are anxious to share … what they truly Value. For successful companies, the focus on Value begins with actionable insights and remains a central thread as they look to deliver new solutions that drive market leadership and differentiation.