At flo, we blend strategy, marketing, design and technology with deep customer insights to form fresh perspectives that result in compelling market innovation. This approach allows us to help our clients formulate a strong definition of purpose that is inspired through proactive empathy and leads to tangible innovation that drives top-line growth and customer delight.

We apply ethnographic research techniques that create immersive customer experiences that expose latent needs, wants and desires and lead to the discovery of compelling business opportunities. We make use of creative design early and often, iterating story boards, illustrations and prototypes to help our clients visualize the value of new concepts, providing “eureka” moments that create cross-functional excitement and enthusiasm.

Successful innovation goes beyond product, exposing new ideas and approaches related to business models, pricing, packaging, distribution and positioning. We help clients extend their innovation capacity and create work environments that are thought provoking and collaborative, empowering teams to increase their potential for innovation success.