At flo, we help business leaders deliver compelling customer experiences through consistent and meaningful interactions and innovative solutions that are highly valued. We can help your business drive increased revenues, customer loyalty and market differentiation through our Customer Experience and Innovation expertise.

customer experience

We help clients define their Customer Destination (vision), chart their Customer Journey, enable a Customer Culture and prioritize high-impact Customer Experience initiatives. Our work is designed to help our clients get closer to their customers, establish a customer culture and deliver new interactions that drive increased revenue and customer loyalty. The ultimate goal of our work is to help our clients deliver compelling value that leads to customer advocacy, exponential growth and market leadership.

  • CEM assessment – type of customer company
  • Setting a customer vision – strategy session
  • Achieving your customer vision – VALUE Framework
  • Gaining deep customer insights – discovering current state
  • Experiencing CEM success
  • Inspiring cross-functional change (inspired from journey maps and customer research)
  • Leading in a customer-centric (customer focused) organization


We help clients experience innovation success. We ensure innovation and strategy are aligned, that an innovation culture is formed and a supportive environment is established. We help them Discover, Define and Deliver innovative customer solutions that are meaningful and highly valued (using our proven integrated approach – id3). We work side-by-side with our client teams to ensure they continue to build skills and can leverage proven approaches to drive sustainable innovation success.

  • Innovation Success – 7 factors of innovation success
  • id3 – customer-centered innovation framework
  • Innovation assessment
  • Validating new ideas and concepts
  • Sourcing new ideas and filtering high-impact potentials
  • Managing the idea pipeline – ideation thru market impact (measuring success)
  • Driving new ideas to definition and business case development