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flo is an innovation services firm that believes successful innovation starts with a keen focus on the human experience. We help clients gain deep customer insights and a renewed  empathy that expose current market opportunities for new products and services that  improve the customer experience… and are highly valued.

At flo, we blend strategy, marketing, design and technology with deep customer insights to form fresh perspectives that result in compelling market innovation. This approach allows us to help our clients formulate a strong definition of purpose that is inspired through proactive empathy and leads to tangible innovation that drives top-line growth and customer delight.

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flo services

customer experience

  • CEM assessment – type of customer company
  • Setting a customer vision – strategy session
  • Achieving your customer vision – VALUE Framework
  • Gaining deep customer insights – discovering current state

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  • Innovation Success – 7 factors of innovation success
  • id3 – customer-centered innovation framework
  • Innovation assessment
  • Validating new ideas and concepts

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Being Customer Focused – as you start each day, as you consider priorities, as you make decisions, as you design new solutions … “askWHAT4


  • 1WHAT would the customer think?
  • 2WHAT would the customer want?
  • 3WHAT would the customer value?
  • 4WHAT can I do to make this a better customer experience?

flo frameworks and methods

Customer Experience – flo Value Framework

A customer-centered framework that focuses on delivering compelling customer value … it begins with deep customer insight that inspires cross-functional change and creates compelling value.


Innovation – flo id3 Methodology

A systemic approach that helps clients make impactful decisions, generate momentum and commercialize new ideas that stay true to customer interests and needs.

  • “… successful innovation is a systemic way of moving from concept to commercialization … an integrated process … for controlling your destiny …”

    A.G. Lafely, Chairman and CEO, Procter & Gamble (The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation, by Lafely and Charan)
  • “ … generating ideas is important, but it’s pointless unless there is a repeatable process in place to turn inspiration into financial performance …”

    Ram Charan, renown author and advisor to top corporate execs (The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation, by Lafely and Charan)
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